About Us

BROOKE: Like my sister-in-laws, I grew up in Southern California, and am lucky enough to still be living here!  I'm a wife to my food LOVING husband John, and mom to my pasta adoring kids. To keep my sanity, I get to teach piano (putting my college degree to good use) one day a week. My life is busy and chaotic, and it's easy to get in a rut when it comes to family meals.  So I'm so excited to be taking on this adventure with Lori and Dana - cooking our way through the family cookbook. 

Dana: I moved to Utah seven years ago, and since being away from my family, I have turned to cooking to stop from being home sick :) My mom is one of the best cooks I know. Whenever I cook I just feel like I am back in California, smelling all the delcious food my mom cooked when I was growing up. This blog gives me a chance to find new meals to cook that are quick and easy since I work full time and my husband does not even know how to make eggs!  I am really excited for the blog and excited to perfect the amazing meals my mom cooked for us growing up!

LORI: Born and raised in Southern California ,I have always loved being outdoors, working out, doing yoga, pilates, paddle boarding, you name it. But my favorite indoor activity is COOKING! Growing up I loved to help my mom cook. Taking trips to the grocery store was fun for me. In high school I would ask my mom to wait for me to go to the store because I loved picking out food and helping to plan the meals. I have always tried to eat healthy and after many years of studying nutrition and trial and error,  I think I have finally got it right! (no crazy fad diets, just wholesome food). I am now married to a great guy and have the cutest (I think) baby boy. Still living in Southern California and still love being active and cooking. I work as a pilates instructor and do some work from home for the family business. When my mom compiled all the family recipes into a cook book I was so excited to try them all! Cooking these dishes brings back so many wonderful memories and it is fun to put my own healthy twist on a few of them.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog and trying the recipes. You won't be disappointed.