April 4, 2011

White Chocolate Raspberry Almond Bars

(aka White Chocolate Brownies)
Yum Yum!

1 1/2 c. butter
36 oz. white chocolate chips
6 eggs
1 1/2 c. sugar
3 c. flour
1 1/2. tsp. salt
1 T. almond extract
1 1/2 c. seedless raspberry jam (I just used the whole bottle - it's just so yummy)
3/4 c. sliced almonds

Spray a 12x17-inch cookie sheet with cooking spray.  Melt butter and while it's still hot add 18 oz of the white chocolate chips and let stand.  In a mixer beat eggs until foamy, then add sugar and beat until they are lemon colored.  Add the butter/chocolate mixture and mix until combined.  Add flour, salt and extract and beat until combined.  Spread 1/2 of the batter on the cookie sheet then bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes.

(either my oven or cookie sheet is seriously uneven!)

Next stir the remaining white chocolate chips into the other half of the batter.  Heat the jam in the microwave or on the stove over low heat until it's melted, then spread the melted jam over the warm crust.
 Finally spoon the remaining batter on top of the jam and spread carefully.  Sprinkle with sliced almonds and Bake at 325 for 30-35 minutes.
Let it cool before cutting.  These are delicious treats and one of my absolute favorite desserts.  I made them for a baby shower last week - and froze half of them for another baby shower this week.  They freeze really well.  In fact, I've been known to make a whole batch just for me my family and stick them in the freezer, taking a couple out each day.

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  1. I made these bars to give to the nurses while I was in labor and they all loved them! Good thing I made a lot since we went through 4 shifts.