February 21, 2012

Nancy's Mexican Soup

This recipe is not in the cookbook, but while we were in Utah last October, my Aunt Nancy made this for us while we stayed at there house. It was so good I probably ate it 3 times while I was there. It is made with homony which is a mexican canned corn I had never tried before. It almost tastes like a bean and is delicious! I highly recommend trying this soup and adding a little more Ancho Chili Pepper if you like some kick :)

Nancy's Mexican Soup

2lbs chicken or turkey (boiled with broth reserved)
1/4 c. olive oil ( I used just a tablespoon or so to cook the onions and red peppers in)
2 large onions
2 red peppers
Saute onion and red peppers for about 7 minutes. Add chicken.
1-2 TB Ground Cumin
1-2 TB Ancho Chili Pepper
Sprinkle on meat and peppers. Stir in the following:
2 TB crushed garlic
1-3 c. Crushed tomotoes (can use canned or fresh)
2 qts Chicken Broth
1-28oz can of Homony

Heat and Simmer for about an hour. Adjust seasoning to your liking.

You can choose a number of toppings on this soup. Here are some ideas:
sour cream
jack cheese
tortilla chips


  1. Sounds delicious! Do you drain the hominy? Will it be ok without the red peppers since they don't agree with me?!

    1. No, do nota drain the hominy. And yes ithnk it will be fine with out the red peppers, maybeyo can add another vegetable? Green Chilis?

  2. I'm so glad you posted this...I started to make this for Sunday dinner and....I couldn't find my recipe! ;o) Perfect timing on posting this! Thanks a million!